About Me


Hi, I’m Abby. First, above all else, I’m a child of God. I’ve been married to my best friend, Jonathan, for six years, and we have two young children, Griffin and Bennie, who really are the best thing ever to happen to us.


In December of 2012, we moved from Oregon to Mississippi. Things sure are different in the South, but I’m loving this new adventure and I’m looking forward to what’s in store for our family.

My mission is to be the kind of mother my kids deserve, and to do my part to make the world the kind of place I want to raise them in. Join me on my journey to save money, laugh often, cook from scratch,  forgive daily, give generously, and never stop growing.

To read more about my thoughts behind the origins of Mother on a Mission, click here.

I love my job as a high school business and technology teacher. When I’m not teaching or wrangling toddlers, I love to cook and bake- experimenting with new recipes and relaxing with old favorites- and read. I also enjoy homemade strawberry lemonade, Instagram, playing golf, any kind of chocolate, board games, and travel.



2 Responses to About Me

  1. Ai says:

    Great post on Money Saving Mom! It’s neat how God can use the simple, everyday things to teach us some big lessons.

    • Thank you! You’re right, when I slow down enough to look, those little- and sometimes big- lessons are everywhere. I appreciate you taking the time to look around and leave a kind comment!

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