“just a minute”: reflections of a stay-at-home mom

Griffin and Bennie

I’m fairly new to my role as a stay-at-home mom; I’ve only been doing this since the beginning of the year.

To be brutally honest, I haven’t quite figured out if I’m cut out for this. I firmly believe that not everyone is, and that’s okay. Right now, I’m just thankful that I have the opportunity to find out if being a SAHM is for me.

One evening earlier this week, as I was standing at the stove stirring scrambled eggs, something occurred to me: how often have I used the phrase “just a minute” in the last few weeks?


A lot, I would guess. With a clingy toddler, it’s bound to happen. There are times, like tonight, when I can’t step away from what I’m doing. Whether it’s bathing his sister or rolling out bread dough, there are simply going to be times when I can’t drop what I’m doing for his non-emergent requests.

But there are also times, much more frequently, that I can. I can stop halfway through unloading the dishwasher to crawl around on the kitchen floor playing puppies; I can pause in chopping veggies to refill his cup of water; I can leave that text message or blog post half-composed while I help him search for his missing “elly-coptee”.

I didn’t become a stay-at-home mom to miss the little moments with my kids; I became a stay-at-home because those are the moments that are most important to me. I want to soak up this time when my children are little; I’ve already learned that babyhood is fleeting.


I’m now making an effort to be intentional about my responses to Griffin. Every time he makes a request and I begin to respond with “just a minute,” I evaluate whether or not whatever I’m doing really can’t wait. If it can’t, I reassure him that I’ll be with him quickly, and I use that opportunity to encourage patience. If it can, I stop what I’m doing and see to his needs.

My goal isn’t to raise spoiled children who are impatient and entitled. Rather, I want to raise kids who know they are loved, they are valued, and they are worth more to me than anything else I might be doing.

While this will certainly take practice to learn, I’ve found that just thinking consciously about it is already making a difference. And I’m much more relaxed when my day is constantly filled with sweet reminders of why I do what I do.


I want to know: do you have any tips for a SAHM newbie?


About Abby

I'm a wife, a mom of two, and a high school teacher who loves to read, bake, cook, and be with my family.
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5 Responses to “just a minute”: reflections of a stay-at-home mom

  1. Sheila says:

    I became a stay at home when I was 30 and my first child was born. I am now fifty and have had two more children . Two are out of the nest and my youngest and only boy is a freshman in high school. While there were lots of challenges along the way , I am so thankful I stayed home with them. I don’t think you will ever regret it. Once they are all out on their own, I don’t think many people would say
    I am so glad I worked all the time while my children were growing up. Many may say I wish I had been home more with my children. I missed so much and now they are grown. I am not a single mom so I understand sometimes there is no choice. However if you can at all I would so encourage you to stick with it! It is the hardest job I ever had and the most important. Off to pick up my son from soccer!

    • So far, this is much more challenging but much more rewarding than I anticipated.

      And I think you’re right; I’ve never once heard someone talk about regretting staying home with their children.

  2. Kolina R says:

    I found you through moneysavingmom. Great insights! I just quit my job to stay home in December. I am almost 30 and have been working since I was 15 so this is a huge adjustment for me. When my son was born all I wanted to do is be with him (I also have. 6 year old daughter). Some days are harder. Thanks for the reminder of why I quit in the first place. 🙂

  3. Jerri Sparks says:

    I decided to stay at home with my baby after he was born. I’m 27 and he is now 4 months old. Deciding whether or not to go back or stay home really stressed me out because I could see the benefit of doing both. I finally decided that I could always find another job, but I will never get these little moments of all of his firsts back and I want to be here with him every step of the way. It’s exhausting and he comsumes every second of the day. And I love it.

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