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Are discount stores really cheaper?

I live in a small town. A small town. There is one small, locally-owned, largely-overpriced grocery store, and there is a Dollar General. In the last month, crews have broken ground to build both a Fred’s Super Dollar and a … Continue reading

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How to get the best prices online

Maybe it’s because I live rurally, but I rarely shop for clothes in person anymore. The deals are just too good online for me to justify driving 80 miles to purchase clothing for myself and my kids. Add to that … Continue reading

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How once a month cooking saves me time and money

Confession: I’m not a big fan of raw poultry. It’s slimy, it’s cold, and it smells kind of funny. I just don’t care for it. I do enjoy eating chicken, though, as does the fam. So I’m forced to man-up … Continue reading

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How a dry erase marker saves my laundry (and my sanity)

For years, I’ve been using a dry erase marker to write notes to myself on the bathroom mirror. In college, my suite-mates and I would write Bible verses or fun notes to each other. When I got married, I continued … Continue reading

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