Hello, World.


Welcome to my (new) blog.

I’m starting over because, well, don’t we all want a fresh start every once in a while?

I’ve created this space as a place to document my journey toward betterment. Not betterment as in a zen, Asian monk kind of way, but betterment in a baby steps kind of way.

Recently, I’ve come to understand change can come about one of two ways. You can make all these big plans, and set lots of new goals, and decide to wake up on Monday morning (maybe I’m the only one who believes major lifestyle changes can only be implemented beginning on Mondays?) and suddenly be a more healthy, more organized, more patient, more insert-your-adjective-of-choice-here version of yourself. Yeah, good luck with that.

Or, you can try every day to make yourself better in small ways. Maybe this afternoon I’ll choose to drink water over diet soda. And then tonight I’ll go to bed right after the kids are asleep, instead of watching just one more episode of White Collar on Netflix. In the morning, I’ll deal with the laundry right after I fold it, and not leave it sitting on our bed until nighttime, when I’m forced to put it away stack it in the laundry basket.

So this is my journey to betterment. My quest, my pursuit, my voyage. My mission. I’m on a mission to change, both myself and the world around me, into what I want for my children.

And this is where I’ll document (with visual aids!) that mission. Care to join me?


About Abby

I'm a wife, a mom of two, and a high school teacher who loves to read, bake, cook, and be with my family.
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2 Responses to Hello, World.

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Abby!

    I love goals, do-overs and starting on Mondays 🙂

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