Easy Peanut Butter Cup Bars

Homemade peanut butter cup bars. Fast, easy, and gluten free!

My husband loves peanut butter cups. So much so, in fact, that for his last birthday he requested that I make these instead of birthday cake. I was cool with that, because I love them, too. Every time I’ve made them in the past they were a hit, but drizzling the chocolate into each cupcake liner can be tedious.

When I wanted a quick dessert to take to a get-together last weekend, those peanut butter cups came to mind. I didn’t want to spend the extra time required to make individual cups, so I decided to make an entire slab on a cookie sheet and cut it into squares.

These bars are just as good as the homemade peanut butter cups, but they come together so much more quickly. Bonus: they’re gluten free!

Homemade peanut butter cup bars. Fast, easy, and gluten free!

Homemade Peanut Butter Cup Bars

3 cups chocolate chips, divided (about a bag and a half)
2 cups plus two tablespoons peanut butter, divided
1 cup powdered sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Melt half of the chocolate with a tablespoon of peanut butter, either in the microwave or on the stove using a double boiler. On a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper, spread the melted chocolate into an even layer. Put the pan in the freezer for ten minutes.

Meanwhile, mix two cups of peanut butter with the vanilla extract, then mix in the powdered sugar. Melt the remaining chocolate with the remaining peanut butter. Remove the first layer of chocolate from the freezer and spread the peanut butter on top. Smooth the rest of the chocolate over that and return to the freezer for ten more minutes. Cut into bars and enjoy!

Notes: you can certainly melt all of the chocolate at once and then just spread half on the tray, but I didn’t want to have to think about using exactly half. These bars are easiest to cut after sitting out of the freezer for a few minutes. Also, you could easily substitute a package of chocolate bark (also gluten free) for the chocolate chips, you just won’t get as rich of a chocolate flavor.

Homemade peanut butter cup bars. Fast, easy, and gluten free!

I want to know: what is your go-to crowd-pleasing get-together dessert?


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I'm a wife, a mom of two, and a high school teacher who loves to read, bake, cook, and be with my family.
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