Weekly Goals: March 11-17


It’s Spring Break!

We’re spending this week at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama, so of course my normal homemaking and project goals are on hold this week. But just because we’re having a great time on vacation doesn’t mean I don’t have goals; they’re just a little more relaxed, to reflect the week we’re looking forward to. Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish while we’re here:

1. Purchase a double umbrella stroller secondhand from a consignment store.

2. Create a price book to reflect the prices I now pay at local grocery stores.

3. Blog regularly (three content posts plus Wordless Wednesday).


I want to know: do you set goals or try to be productive while on vacation?



About Abby

I'm a wife, a mom of two, and a high school teacher who loves to read, bake, cook, and be with my family.
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