Weekly Goals: March 4-10

This week’s goals are of the broken-furnace, forced-from-our-home variety. If this week was designed to make me that much more happy that spring break is right around the corner, then it’s doing its job well.

Jon has strep, Bennie has a persistent diaper rash that still isn’t cleared up after two prescriptions, and, well, let’s just say I’m feeling under the weather, too, thanks to issues I’ve not yet had to face again since having Bennie, thanks to nursing.

Did I mention we also had our washing machine repaired today? Anyhow, it’s safe to say that I am thrilled to see the beach on the horizon this week. Since we’re headed south to Gulf Shores this weekend, and we’ll be staying for a week, most of my goals focus on preparing for that and tying up loose ends to allow us to fully enjoy our time there.


1. Make a packing list in spreadsheet form. This is probably a super nerdy thing to do, but I’m making a spreadsheet with check boxes for everything we need to pack for a week away. That way, next time we go anywhere, I can just print the same list to work from, with only a few modifications based on our destination.

2. Bake two treats for the beach. I plan to make chocolate chip cookies for the trip, plus one other treat. I haven’t decided on what that will be, though, so I’m open to suggestions.

3. Have the car packed and ready to go Friday evening. We’ve all heard it said that, once you have kids, vacations stop being restful and become more work than just staying home. Because I’m determined to enjoy this trip, I want to get a stress-free early start Saturday morning.

4. Clean out the fridge. I don’t anticipate having to much to clean out. I just want to do a quick once-over at the end of the week to ensure we don’t come home to anything rotten.

That’s it! Because I have no idea when we’ll be able to get back in our house, and because it looks like we’re dealing with another round of illness around here, I’m keeping things tame this week. My biggest goal is to survive this week and head into the weekend feeling healthy and ready for fun, not tired and stressed.

I want to know: are you dealing with sickies at your house?


About Abby

I'm a wife, a mom of two, and a high school teacher who loves to read, bake, cook, and be with my family.
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3 Responses to Weekly Goals: March 4-10

  1. Erin @ My Mommy World says:

    Luckily, we have been pretty healthy this winter (for a change). I hope you have a good time on your vacation and that everyone gets well soon!

  2. Inna Olimpiyuk says:

    Yes, we are! We live in West Coast of Florida, my hubby and kids are sick!

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